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Physical Drug Effects

Some physical drug effects may not develop until drug abusers are at an advanced age....   It is no secret that drug abuse takes a toll on the body and brain, especially when someone is engaged in long-term abuse. People who experiment with illicit street drugs like heroin or cocaine do so to ... Read More

Residential Drug Rehab Centers Toms River

Addiction Recovery at Residential Drug Rehab Centers Toms River can help you on the Road to Recovery...   According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction is defined as a primary, chronic illness of the brain. Addiction is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use. Ind... Read More

Popular Drugs for College Students

Drugs on Campus: Popular Drugs for College Students...   Popular drugs for college students have varied over the years, however drug use among college students has remained a constant problem. For many young people who attend college, they view it as their first taste of freedom and independen... Read More

Toms River Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects millions nationwide. Toms River addiction treatment centers can help you locate a certified recovery program that can help people battling substance abuse reach their goal for long-term recovery. Recovery programs include traditional and non-traditional tr... Read More

Toms River Synthetic Marijuana Treatment

Toms River synthetic marijuana treatment centers are dedicated to treating individuals who are strongly dependent on synthetic marijuana. The use of synthetic marijuana has become more and more popular, despite law enforcement efforts to stop its spread. Synthetic marijuana (more properly cannabinoi... Read More

Toms River Suboxone Withdrawal Treatment

Toms River Suboxone withdrawal treatment centers can help you locate a treatment facility that can thoroughly combat the withdrawal symptoms associated with Suboxone. Some recovering addicts report that those symptoms can be more difficult than detoxing from the initial opiate drug of addiction. The... Read More

Heroin Prevalent in Toms River

In New Jersey towns with the highest amount of heroin abuse cases, Toms River comes in sixth. The township had more than 430 reported heroin abuse cases in 2014. Just over one year ago, Toms River and Brick police teamed up to arrest two suspected dealers, including Cassandra Ortiz, seizing almost 1... Read More

Alcohol Detox Treatment Toms River NJ

Alcohol withdrawal is a serious side effect of the cessation of the substance in the midst of an addiction. Symptoms can worsen rapidly and it is always encouraged to seek help from a rehab facility so that the addict can be monitored 24/7 in case of any medical emergency. Placing yourself in a trea... Read More

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