Toms River Addiction Treatment

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects millions nationwide. Toms River addiction treatment centers can help you locate a certified recovery program that can help people battling substance abuse reach their goal for long-term recovery. Recovery programs include traditional and non-traditional treatments that target each aspect of addiction, including its physical, mental, and behavioral dependencies. With treatment at a high-quality drug treatment center, you can live the sober life you deserve.

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Addiction Recovery Programs Overview

Substance addiction is a serious illness that can involve life-threatening consequences. Addiction recovery programs are designed to treat each aspect of this chronic and often progressive disease. Each program is geared to help addicts along their path toward long-term recovery. Because relapse is a continual threat, many recovery programs are developed with relapse prevention in mind. While many addicts find traditional treatments like individual or group counseling to be highly effective, others may respond better to alternative treatments and programs like art therapy or moral reconation therapy. In most cases, addiction treatment begins with medical detox. A trained addiction specialist can then help patients determine the ideal treatment plans for them.

What Are Some Types of Recovery Programs?

Upon entering rehab, addicts will be assessed by addiction specialists who can recommend a treatment plan that is ideal for the addiction sufferer. Some people may also be battling a mental disorder, for instance, and require a special treatment plan that is customized for their dual diagnosis. Some sufferers may have been through treatment before and simply want to experience other types of programs like non-traditional therapies. Drug treatment centers offer both inpatient and outpatient programs. Your addiction specialist and healthcare providers can help you determine the ideal therapies for you. Keep in mind the recovery is a fluid process; you may wish to transition to other types of therapies through the course of the recovery process.

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