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Medical detox helps a person to get harmful toxins out of their system in a controlled and gradual way. Doctors may be able to administer prescription medications at certain times in the medical detox process to help the body slowly and incrementally withdraw from drugs or alcohol. This helps to reduce the intensity of severe withdrawal symptoms and increase comfort.

Drug treatment centers Toms River can review your treatment options with you. Staff members at the rehab facilities can provide the treatment protocols and medications to help patients get through this difficult phase of recovery as safely and as comfortably as possible. Caring and highly skilled staff understand the symptoms of withdrawal and can provide immediate medical attention should an emergency present itself.

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The Detox Process

In the face of alcohol/drug addiction, individuals detox from alcohol and drugs once they stop using the substance. Typically the detox begins within 24 to 72 hours after the last drink or drug dosage. A number of emotional and physical symptoms of withdrawal begin as the body flushes out the substance.

Due to the body's dependence on the substance of abuse, the central nervous system must relearn how to function without having to compete for control. Chemical imbalances in the brain and body cause an array of effects. As the symptoms experienced at this time may create a serious medical condition, individuals receive constant medical care and supervision. Medical intervention also accelerates the process while ensuring the comfort of the client.

Once a person's body becomes used to a specific harmful substance, he or she will experience various uncomfortable reactions when they stop consuming the drug. Eventually, the person can experience painful withdrawal symptoms such as muscle cramps, vomiting, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, depression, anxiety and more.

At drug treatment centers Toms River professionals can review your treatment options with you. At a treatment facility, they provide patients in the withdrawal stage with a comfortable environment in which they can feel safe and care for. Staff members will be present to help with maintaining physical needs like meals, medication management, and providing emotional support.

Detox can last several days or weeks, and some drugs can lead to symptoms of withdrawal that last for longer. Treating those withdrawal symptoms is part of the treatment for substance abuse that we offer.

What Medications Are Used In Medical Detox?

When a person chooses to go through the detox process under medical supervision, they may be given prescription drugs at precise times during the process to ease withdrawals and to help the various internal systems readjust to operating and functioning without the effects of the addicted substance. Some of these drugs include:

  1. Suboxone - narcotics detox
  2. Methadone - narcotics detox
  3. Naltrexone - alcohol or narcotics detox
  4. Antabuse - alcohol detox
  5. Neurontin - alcohol detox
  6. Bupropion - cocaine or methamphetamine detox

After Detox

After detox is completed, counseling and addiction rehab treatment that will be tailored to your specific situation is highly encouraged. You will learn new life skills that can help you avoid relapse once you leave a residential program. You will also learn about the various resources available in your community. These resources can be utilized to help you remain sober.

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