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It can be difficult watching someone you love go through an addiction with alcohol or drugs. You may feel helpless as this person continues to follow the destructive path of abuse. You might see your loved one losing weight, losing jobs, and distancing himself or herself from family members and friends.

They may also be having problems maintaining a home or caring for their children. If you have tried everything that you possibly could, it might be time to seek professional help. Drug treatment centers Toms River can help with treatment location services.

The purpose of an intervention is to persuade the addicted person to seek professional help for their substance abuse. Close family members and friends confront the addict and let them know how their substance abuse or addiction has affected them and those they love.

Intervention specialists consult with the family and friends of the addicted person to create an outline of how the meeting will go. Participants will discuss what they will say to the addict, while the specialist provides effective answers for the objections that may come up during the process so they can be well prepared.

If you need help staging an intervention, call a professional. Drug treatment centers Toms River can review your treatment options with you. Call (877) 804-1531 for help now.

The Process

An intervention is an opportunity for each person to speak heartfelt words to try to reach the person who suffers from addiction. The addicted individual has somehow hurt most members present at the meeting. These people will have the opportunity to speak directly to the addict about the challenges of maintaining friendships during the course of the substance abuse.

Members can relay to the addicted person that they will not accept his or her behavior any further. Family members will have an opportunity to remind the person how wonderful he or she was before the disease took over. An intervention is an emotional occasion that can bring forth one of the following reactions:

  • Anger: Sometimes addicts are not ready to face their problems during an intervention. These individuals may become belligerent and resentful. An angry addict may leave the meeting altogether, but further attempts to reason and show love may help.
  • Denial: A person who is approached during an intervention may deny any accusations of drug or alcohol abuse. In this stage, the individual will not be receptive to any ideas to obtain treatment or therapies, because a problem is non-existent in that person's mind.
  • Acceptance: An intervention can bring about acceptance, which is the goal of the meeting. Through pleading, communicating and sometimes threatening abandonment, members of an intervention may be able to get the addicted person to see the light. Once the person agrees to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction, a life of sobriety is not far away.

Your Loved Ones Need You

Drug treatment centers Toms River provides assistance to those seeking treatment by reviewing the options. At a facility, staff members and specialists work their hardest to provide family members and friends with the very best tools of support. If you are worried about someone in your family, now is the time to call and get professional addiction rehab help. Drug treatment centers Toms River can help find you a rehab facility. Call today at (877) 804-1531.

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