Heroin Prevalent in Toms River

In New Jersey towns with the highest amount of heroin abuse cases, Toms River comes in sixth. The township had more than 430 reported heroin abuse cases in 2014. Just over one year ago, Toms River and Brick police teamed up to arrest two suspected dealers, including Cassandra Ortiz, seizing almost 1,300 wax folds of the drug and more than $12,000 in cash.

Heroin is a synthetic derivative of morphine, which is in turn derived from the opium poppy plant. It is a powerful painkiller and also often produces strong feelings of well-being and confidence. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most addictive drugs available. Toms River drug rehab centers can help you locate a treatment facility if you're addicted to this harmful substance.

Abuse & Addiction Rates In New Jersey

This drug has been a rapidly growing problem in the state for years now. The fatal overdose rate in New Jersey is three times that of the national average, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 1 in 50 heroin users in the state is now expected to die from an overdose.

In 2014, over 8,300 New Jersey residents were admitted to treatment programs for an opiate addiction. Of these, over 40 percent were under the age of 25.

How Heroin Is Used And Abused

Heroin is most often heated into a liquid and injected, but can also be inhaled directly in its powder form or vaporized. These three methods provide the fastest onset of the "high" feeling that users crave and are the most common methods of administration.

Heroin very quickly becomes addictive in its own right, but users often come to it with an already established opiate addiction from another source. Abuse, or use of heroin that interferes with everyday life, progresses extremely quickly to the addiction state, where the user feels constant cravings for the drug and strong withdrawal symptoms if they do not get it regularly.

Why Heroin Addiction Is Exploding

The rising rates of heroin addiction have been directly tied to the overprescription of opiate pain pills and the resulting abuse of them. While opiate painkillers such as OxyContin are generally safe for short-term use, patients are often given access to more than they need.

Call Narcotics Anonymous in New Jersey (http://www.nanj.org/) for support. Toms River drug treatment centers for help with locating treatment services.

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