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Alcohol withdrawal is a serious side effect of the cessation of the substance in the midst of an addiction. Symptoms can worsen rapidly and it is always encouraged to seek help from a rehab facility so that the addict can be monitored 24/7 in case of any medical emergency. Placing yourself in a treatment center for alcohol detox ensures that you can be assessed and treated for any conditions that may have been brought on by alcoholism or the withdrawal of alcohol.

Common Health Risks Associated with Alcohol Detox

DTS: disorientation, mental confusion, and hallucinations can occur as a symptom of withdrawal from alcohol. Tremens occur due to the sudden and severe changes the brain and nervous system experience when there is no longer alcohol in the system. If not treated when this occurs the addict could experience permanent memory loss.

Psychiatric Problems: while going through withdrawal one can experience heightened anxiety, feelings of depression, and trouble sleeping. Mood swings, aggravation, and other behavior differences may last longer than other withdrawal symptoms.

Seizures: during detox from alcohol it is possible patients may experience seizures which is another urgent reason to seek medical attention.

Convulsions: ten percent of alcoholics experience convulsions after ending alcohol intake. Heavy perspiration, lack of a desire to eat, and shakiness are all expected within 2-4 days of withdrawal.

Alcohol withdrawal is not an easy task. Someone who is dependent on alcohol will experience symptoms of withdrawal because the brain is learning to function without the chemicals it is used to receiving from the substance of abuse. Symptoms can begin within 3-6 hours of cessation depending on length of addiction and intensity.

How Alcohol Rehab Toms River can Help

  • Evaluate, reduce, and minimize the power of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Prevent any complications and provide attention for severe complications.
  • Aid you in preventing relapse and uncovering how your addiction began.

In a treatment center, addicts will receive a full assessment at the time of their arrival. This includes determining if there are any mental disorders which fuel a person's addiction. This also includes predicting risks that may come during withdrawal and how serious the symptoms of withdrawal may be. Certified addiction specialists will also continue to assess and monitor the condition of the patient at intervals during their stay. Lastly, a treatment center has the ability to prescribe and implement medications that can aid in anti-psychotic behavior, prevent seizures, and ease symptoms with benzodiazepines such as suboxone and methadone. If a person doesn't wish to take these medications natural therapies including taking thiamine which is a vitamin, is known to reduce symptoms of withdrawal and refuel the body with nutrients that it lacks during detox from alcohol.

Addiction treatment Toms River can help you with locating a treatment facility. These facilities may encourage patients to hydrate and participate in anti-stress activities such as yoga which are known to minimize symptoms of withdrawal.

If you or someone you love is in need of treatment for addiction call addiction treatment centers Toms River today for information on how they can support you on your road to recovery.

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